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Certifications and Background


I am a certified instructor and multi-discipline Riding Master from Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre with a comprehensive understanding of riding and teaching theory and have been a professional in the equine industry for over 25 years.  


My lifelong equestrian background is varied, and while I utilize proven classical principles as the foundation for all types of riding, I have experience competing in and successfully coaching riders in various disciplines, to include dressage, jumping, eventing, reining, cutting, english and western pleasure, harness driving, foxhunting, sidesaddle, and long distance competitive trail riding.  I also have experience training gaited horses and in gaited dressage. 


I have appeared as a national clinician at numerous horse expos around the country (Rocky Mountain Horse Expo ~ Equitana USA ~ Equine Affaire) speaking on a variety of topics.






















In addition to riding instruction, I am also an accomplished trainer.  I have owned over a dozen different breeds over the years and have trained a dozen more.  I can work with your horse as needed to improve control, response, and manners.... and while most trainers focus mainly on one discipline, my varied equestrian experience allows me to adapt to the needs of virtually any rider or horse.        

Just a few examples of my broad experience in addition to traditional schooling and showing:     


  • Certified and trained mounted police units for use in search and rescue/crowd control and utilize those training techniques in my spook-proofing clinics.  I have ridden with several mounted police units and was a member of the US Marshals Posse.   

  • Packed into the high country of the Rockies for days at a time with large groups of riders. 

  • Adopted and trained several wild horses and have used them in mounted police units and as school horses in my lesson program.

  • Retrained several off-the-track thoroughbreds - many to be used as young riders' mounts.

  • Ridden King Ranch cutting horse stock on cattle roundups.

  • Studied with top trainers in various disciplines (Karen O'Connor, Jim Wofford, John Lyons).

  • Foxhunted with numerous hunts around the country.   

  • Endorsed by the Girl Scout Councils ~ developed a hugely popular horse badge program and have taught literally thousands of scouts about horses in several states.  

  • Certified 4-H Horse Club Leader for the University of Kentucky.

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