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Experienced in Multiple Disciplines and Sports 


I use dressage and centered riding as the foundation for all riding.  Classical principles improve the rider's communication with their horse resulting in better performance.  I have assisted many older riders with improving their riding skills and have started many young riders who have later gone on to be top contenders in USDF competitions.  

Hunter Paces

I have competed in and won countless hunter paces over the years and have introduced this sport to many students, young and old.  This timed event over varied terrain simulates foxhunting and is a great way to test your stamina and riding skills.   

Western Pleasure
& Reining

I began my riding in the western discipines and have experience with western pleasure, reining, cutting, trail classes and western dressage.  All of my horses are trained to go both english and western, as are most of my students' horses, as I believe cross-training is valuable and fun for both horse and rider.

Harness Driving

I have trained horses to drive both carriages and sleighs and have driven in parades.  A challenging and fun sport - I developed a program that teaches the basic parts of a light driving harness, driving techniques, and how to properly and safely teach a horse to drive.     

& Eventing

I have taught horses of various breeds to jump over the years.  One of my featured clinics at expos is "teaching your backyard horse to jump" where I perform a bridleless jumping demonstration.  I have started riders of all ages jumping and young riders who have later gone on to be top national contenders in USEA competitions.       


I have hunted with numerous hunts over the years to include Mission Valley, Bijou Springs, Arapaho, and Middleburg and have introduced the sport to many students.  This sport is steeped in tradition and is a great addition to anyone's riding repertoire.

Trail Riding

I began trail riding with my first pony as a child and have since ridden trails coast to coast ~ from packing into the high country for days at a time to winning 50-mile endurance rides with my mustang.  I have helped many riders and horses overcome their fears of riding in such an uncontrolled environment.       

Side Saddle

I have even tried my hand at side saddle, though it is not something that I practice with any regularity.    

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