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"Somewhere behind the rider I've become,

the trainers who have pushed me,

the people who believed in me,

the long hours of schooling,

the accomplishments I've made,

the ribbons I didn't win,

the falls I've taken,

the tears I've cried,

the broken bones,

the crushed confidence,

and the horses I've given my heart to...

is a little girl who fell in love with the horse and the sport and never looked back."

My Philosophy


My goal is to illustrate the effectiveness of, and promote the use of, skilled and humane methods in all aspects of riding and training, which results in improved performance from all horses. 


I believe in combining the classical principles of dressage (french word for training) with common sense.  I understand that not everyone needs or even wants to ride upper level dressage, but these tried and true principles benefit both the serious competitor and the recreational rider by creating a far more harmonious, and therefore safer, relationship between horses and riders of all ages.  And isn't that what we all want?  I have applied these principles to my western reining horses, eventing horses, and gaited horses alike over the years, and the transformation is undeniable.


Simply put ~ horses have been my lifelong passion.  I have spent my entire life studying riding and teaching theory and have been lucky enough to have been blessed with the ability to help riders gain a greater understanding of true horsemanship, which benefits both the horse and rider.  

"Combining the classical principles of dressage with common sense"  What exactly does that mean? 


It means that I like for my riders (of all ages) to learn and understand enough riding and training theory to meet their specific needs and to create a safe and respectful relationship with their horse... enough to be able to ride balanced and clearly communicate with the horse for the recreational rider ~ that and a bit more for serious competitors.   


It means that I combine my lessons with training advice as needed on simple techniques that will make your relationships with your horses so much more enjoyable.  For example, I want all horses to:  


Be relaxed and willing in the bridle versus bracing due to unskilled hands or prior unpleasant experiences

Lower their heads with just a soft amount of pressure on the lead rope or reins, or the poll to be haltered and bridled

Learn to come when called versus being unresponsive and difficult to catch

Learn to stand patiently when being handled whether tied or not

Trailer load calmly when asked without being led in regardless of the type of trailer

And so much more... 


This is the type of common sense training that I provide, as I have rarely had a horse come into my barn that does all of these things when they arrive ~ but they do after I work with them and show the owner how much more pleasant and safe it can be when you establish a mutually respectful relationship with these big animals that we all love.  

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