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Lessons plans are varied to eliminate boredom, and I offer fun activities such as drill rides and skill games on horseback for children when applicable.  Learn and see what a Quadrille is by clicking here.

Private Lessons / Semi-Private / Group Lessons
On a School Horse or Your Own Horse
English or Western Disciplines
All Ages / All Levels
As a Riding Master and certified instructor, I offer personalized lessons and training tailored to you and your horse's needs.  With an emphasis on proper body position and correcting any bad habits or prior muscle memory, I strive for rider understanding and effective application of the seat, leg, and rein aids.
I employ lunge line lessons to assist with establishing balance and an independent seat.  I also utilize video taping to assist the rider with analyzing their riding skills, to show how every movement affects the horse, and to measure and track ongoing progress. 
In addition, I will ride and assess your own horse as needed 1) to identify any existing issues, and 2) so that I am better able to instruct you on what your horse specifically needs to perform correctly. 



  • Types of Instruction

Instruction in all riding disciplines for all ages ~ experienced with children ~ have successfully started many young riders now competing at the higher levels


  • Levels

Personal goals will be addressed ~ whether you wish to become a serious competitor or simply want to improve your riding experience and become more confident


  • Flexibility

Lessons can be scheduled at your facility or mine with your horse or on a school horse ~ lesson plans will be developed and adjusted based on your needs, goals, and skills


  • Training

Skilled in starting young horses and in re-schooling older or problem horses utilizing resistance-free techniques that increase your horse’s willingness and ability to perform



  • Increased Awareness

Learn to “feel” what your horse needs to perform with more ease and confidence and become aware of how your body movement relates to your horse’s every response


  • Increased Communication

See a distinct difference in the way you and your horse communicate ~ learn how to establish rhythm and relaxation resulting in a more willing and happy mount


  • Increased Balance

Centered riding techniques and exercises greatly improve your balance and allow you to become more comfortable than you ever thought possible


  • Increased Safety

Improving basic riding skills and teaching your horse to respond calmly in all circumstances will greatly enhance your riding experience and ensure your safety and your children's safety

Consider: Not everyone can teach ~ just because someone rides well does not mean that they understand teaching theory and have the techniques to impart that knowledge to others.  It is more difficult to correct bad habits and muscle memory than it is to learn correctly the first time.  Feel free to review client comments on the testimonials page.  See a copy of the riding tree (logical progression of learning to ride) here.

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