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I have known Charmaine Kern for 11 years. I have been a fellow boarder, a student and the recipient of excellent training for 2 of my horses. Charmaine has an exceptional breadth of knowledge with horses. She is very skilled in multiple disciplines and has many years of experience with different types of horses. Her knowledge is coupled with her absolute commitment to correctness and unbelievable patience. Even though I have ridden for years, in one lesson she taught me some basic things I had never been taught. Above all, she loves the animal and puts their well-being above all."

Mary T. / KY

"Charmaine has been a real blessing to me and my two daughters. Unlike most riding instructors, she takes a whole horsemanship approach to teaching. With safety as a first priority, she teaches not only how to ride, but how to care for and understand your horse. We first met Charmaine at the local 4H Horse Club. As the leader, she serves as a positive role model generously giving her time and resources to mentor our county's youth. I am truly thankful for her teaching, as well as all the time she has spent personally helping us to search for and evaluate horses to make our own!"

Sandra B. / KY

"I encourage anyone living near Harrodsburg that is interested in improving their riding to explore riding lessons with Charmaine. Charmaine has both deep knowledge and experience regarding riding for many disciplines and is an excellent resource in general for horsemanship. She's well informed and still open minded. She can comment on the benefits of a particular approach and compare it to the results you might get with an alternate approach. She can guide you towards a better direction She's a professional riding instructor and trainer. She's taken the time to develop her skills at both in a very deliberate manner and isn't just someone who is passionate about horses who would like to try and make a living from them. Charmaine is very observant. She can pinpoint very small flaws in technique and identify an action plan for addressing them. She provides tailored instruction and training that is matched to both you and your horse. Her lessons are very efficient and you can expect to make good progress from each. She's kind to both horse and rider. I'm delighted I've discovered her." 

Pam C. / KY

"Working with Charmaine, I finally became comfortable enough to really work on my riding skills and purchase a horse of my own. Her devotion to training, teaching and sharing her extensive knowledge goes well beyond the arena. I cannot say enough about the care Charmaine takes to develop individualized lesson plans to address the specific needs of each horse and rider with whom she works. There is no "one size fits all" lessons, no pushy show barn stuff, just development of good horsemanship and riding skills."

Colleen M. / KY

Having taken workshops from well know equestrians such as Baron von Blixen-Finecke, I found Charmaine's knowledge and instructing skills to be right up there with the best.  She has the ability to tailor her instruction to all levels of students and learning styles and everyone has fun, while becoming more skilled equestrians"

Laura M. / CA

"I had the opportunity to train with Charmaine for several years when she was located in Virginia.  I had been struggling with an older Arabian mare in introductory dressage and jumping.  In a short amount of time, we achieved the best scores ever received in combined tests.  She also successfully helped me find my next equine partner.  Charmaine is so knowledgeable, upbeat, patient, and kind... yet knows when to give you a little push when you need it!  Training with her is a blast."

Amanda S. / VA

Charmaine's approach to teaching riding and training is exceptionally effective. She encourages communication between rider and horse that is gentle yet firm. She knows and teaches that there is an optimal balance between showing the horse who is boss while at the same time empowering the horse. It allows for wonderful synergy between horse and rider."

Carla D. / VA

"I remember when W. had her first riding lesson with you. Even though it was a long drive, I knew that getting you as her teacher was worth the time and miles. You have been a driving force in her life. You inspired her to work hard, you taught her to be respectful of herself and of horses. You fueled her love for these animals and made her realize that some things in life are worth striving for. Her business is in part your achievement. Prior to you, no teacher made her dream of owning her own horse. With the money earned, and the perfect horse, you helped her realize her dream. Without you, she would still be daydreaming."

Juli H. / CO

"On behalf of the CO Horse Council and CO State University, I would like to thank you for your presentations at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Your demonstration on jumping was excellent and attracted a good crowd. One of my students even commented that she wished you were the English riding instructor here at CSU because she learned a great deal from you in that hour and 15 minutes! You and your students put on a very professional show. I appreciate your efforts and expertise."

Lori W. PhD / CO

(To Executive Director of the GS Mile High Council) "This is just a note to tell you about the wonderful Learn About Horses Girl Scout clinic that Charmaine Kern runs at her facility. Our troop attended this clinic and had a wonderful time. The clinic was informative, wide-ranging and different from the usual 'nose to tail' riding session that is available at many facilities. The scouts not only learned all about horses and proper safety, but they also received a great riding lesson and an opportunity to get 'up close and personal' with the horses by grooming them. We all had a terrific time and appreciate that the Girl Scout organization sanctioned Ms. Kern and her superb horse clinic."

Bobbi M. / CO

"Dear Charmaine, Thank you for making B's pony party so wonderful.
All of the kids and parents have just raved about how special the party was. We couldn't have asked for a better day, nor a happier memory for B's 8th birthday. With all our thanks."

P. Family / CO

"We had a wonderful time at our "horsey" birthday party. The general topic of conversation on the way home last night was, "Boy, that was the best birthday party I've ever been to", so I think it was quite a hit with the girls. They LOVED the horses. Thank you so much"

Lenore M. / CO

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